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Traditional Fishing boat "trehantiri"

Traditional fishing boat "Varka Hidreiki"

Alonnisos, Sunset at Agioi Anargyroi

Alonnisos, Chrisi Milia

Driving, an antique

Driving in the desert

Alonnisos, Driving on the mountains

Off road driving on Alonnisos

alonnisos, Diving in the national marine park

Alonnisos, Driving a Mule at the old village

Alonnisos, Chora, traditional House, "argaleios"

Alonnisos, Chora, Traditional House, "the bedroom"

Alonnisos, Chora, the church of "Ksto"

Alonnisos, Chora, traditional House, "house equipments"

Alonnisos, Chora, traditional House, "leaving room"

Alonnisos, Kyra Panagia, Agios Petros

Alonnisos, Megalos Mourtias Beach

Alonnisos, Megalos Mourtias Beach

Alonnisos, Megalos Mourtias

Alonnisos, Lefto Gialos

Alonnisos, Lefto Gialos

Alonnisos, Chrisi Milia

Alonnisos, Patitiri harbor

Alonnisos, the Port of Patitiri