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Photo Album

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Alonnisos, at Kastania July 2007

Citroen Pony 1986

Off Road Driving

Alonnisos, Chrisi Milia

Off Road adventures

Never try something like this!

Cherokey jeep

Alonnisos at kastania

Driving at the sea side

Alonnisos, Driving at Chora

Driving off Road

4X4 is ideal for Alonnisos


Try a Cherokey Jeep


Vasilis with his Vitara 4X4 on the snow

Driving a Vitara on the snow

Vasilis rididing his motorcycle

Driving in the desert

Alonnisos, special car

Another special car on Alonnisos

Alonnisos, at Chora with ELPA

Alonnisos Taxi Station

Alonnisos, following a traktoraki

Alonnisos, at Patitiri harbor

Alonnisos, Driving at Tourkoneri Beach